Career as a Customs Broker

With the rapid growth of international trade in recent years, customs brokerage has come to the fore among the popular professions. Candidates considering this profession are waiting for a rigorous training process because the documents going back and forth between exporters, importers, logistics companies, and customs officers will be checked by them. They will be expected to be knowledgeable about thousands of products and to master the customs tariffs of these products.

What is Customs Broker?

The customs broker is responsible for checking that shipments comply with all applicable laws to prepare customs documents and facilitate the import and export of goods. Customs brokers ensure that the import and export processes are carried out smoothly by performing the necessary procedures in the customs processes of commercial goods and preparing the required documents.

Customs brokers are experts in the documentation and customs procedures of international trade. A customs broker should know the legal regulations related to export and import, follow the changes, and have a good command of the documentation processes, such as all the documents, licenses, and permits that will be needed in the export and import processes.

What Does Customs Broker Do?

Customs Brokers are responsible for determining the customs taxes to be paid while performing the export-import transactions of their customers. It is especially recommended that importers consult their customs consultants before importing a product. Because after the product arrives at the borders of the country, they may encounter surprises such as high taxes, previous permits, quotas, and import bans. In short, exporting and importing companies should consult the customs broker and get information at the beginning of the trade, not when the goods arrive at the customs.

The main duties of the Customs broker:

To carry out customs procedures on behalf of the customers with a power of attorney received from them.

Clear goods through customs and to their destinations for clients.

To determine the taxes and duties that must be paid in the export and import process and inform the customers.

Control of documents needed in export and import stages, such as customs invoices, certificates of origin, shipping documents, and accordingly preparation of customs declarations.

To prepare import and export documents in accordance with customs regulations, laws, and the authority given to them.

Advising clients on import and export restrictions, tariffs, quotas, or other customs-related matters.

Informing customers about licenses required for the importation of restricted or dangerous goods.

How to Become a Customs Broker?

Customs broker candidates are expected to have a bachelor’s degree. Customs brokerage is a licensed profession, so it is necessary to have a license to do this job. In many countries, becoming a licensed customs broker is to complete an accredited course in customs brokerage and then passing the exams. A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) license is required to become a licensed customs broker in the US.

Customs brokers are basically listed in the following categories: corporate, sole trader, and candidate. In many countries, candidates are expected to have worked or interned in customs consultancy firms, even if they have passed the License exam or taken the necessary courses.

Customs Broker Basic Criteria for Recruitment

Customs Broker Lincence

At least a bachelor’s degree (MBA provides an advantage)

Export-import, customs legislation, logistics skills and experience.

Knowing a second or third language is an advantage.

Teamwork experience and team leadership skills.

Customs Broker: The most frequently searched job titles:

Customs Broker

Senior Customs Broker

Customs Compliance Director

Corporate Licensed Broker

Customs Compliance Broker

Customs Brokerage Consultant

Customs Import Specialist

Customs Broker Salary Range

The annual earnings of customs brokers are different in the USA, EU or the far east. It varies across the US, even between states. The annual income of a customs broker employee in the USA varies between 48,000 USD and 86,500 USD. Annual income averages $69.500 per year nationwide.

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