Jobs in International Trade: Export Sales Representative

What Does a Export Sales Representative Do?

The Export sales representatives focus on finding new customers, promoting & selling the company’s products & services. The Export sales representatives basically negotiate with customers to prepare documents such as sales proposals, proforma invoices, contracts. They coordinate deliveries and handle export documents.

Export sales include merchandise of goods and services. Export merchandise means sending goods to other nations. Exporting does include the international trade of services.

The Export Sales representatives are the main point of contact between a company and its customers. They provide leadership in discovering customer needs and determining product solutions accordingly. Their primary duties are; contacting clients, making offers, and concluding individual deals for export sales of the company’s services or products. This often involves writing proposals or coordinating bids for competitive propositions.

The Export Sales representatives ensure current customers have the right products and services, identify new markets and customer leads, and pitch prospective customers. They may work directly for the manufacturer company or an independent sales agency or distributor whose clients are manufacturers or wholesalers. Export Sales Representatives can prepare bilateral trade agreements and the international document processes involved.

Export Sales Representative & Key Account Management

According to the export sales department, organizational structure, or the department’s distribution of tasks, the Export Sales representative is responsible for coordinating international logistics and export processes, regulating the relevant legal documents, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

In some companies, export sales representatives work only with a sales focus. After reaching an agreement on selling a product or service with a customer, another personnel carries out the products’ procurement, shipment, customs, and paperwork processes. However, sometimes export sales representatives also undertake these duties due to the export department’s structure and task distribution.

According to a key account management method, the export representative serves the customers in all processes from sale to delivery. This way of working is sales skills and customs process, documentation and logistics knowledge and experience required.

How to Become An Export Sales Representative?

For being an export sales representative, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, administration, or a similar area should be advised generally. However, depending on the company’s product group and industry, engineering graduates may also be preferred. Some advanced export sales positions have responsibilities and duties that require a master’s degree. MBS is indispensable for candidates aiming for a management career.

To be an International Sales Representative typically requires three years of related experience. As the global business grows year over year, the demand for export sales representatives is also increasing.

A bachelor’s degree is required to become an international sales representative. Still, it will be beneficial to attend export, logistics, marketing, and similar content training programs and product-based training programs to gain professional knowledge. Most sales representatives receive experience and learn business information by working in a similar sales position.

Export Sales Representative: Education 

The preferred education level for the Export sales representative is Bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, sales, or marketing. A master’s degree is preferred. It also depends on the product that the company will be selling; a relevant engineering background would prove beneficial.

Throughout your export sales representative career, the things you will learn and the experience you will gain will positively affect your personal and professional development.

Export Sales Representatives mostly have business & marketing-based bachelor’s degrees. However, it can be preferred for candidates from different occupational groups and with different educational backgrounds.

  • A Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • A Bachelor of International Trade
  • A Bachelor of Marketing
  • A Bachelor of Logistics
  • A Bachelor of Science in International Business.
  • A Bachelor of Economics
  • A Bachelor of Engineering (Any kind of)

Many professionals pursue certificates to add specializations to their training or help them transition into new fields. So export sale-based certificate programs could be useful.

What are the Qualifications of the Export Sales Representative?

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales, or administration.
  • For sales of technical products, an engineering or other technical degree may be required.
  • MBA is preferred.
  • To know at least one foreign language at a fluent level.
  • Having experience in export business, export sales & marketing.
  • Knowledge of international trade, incoterms, payment methods, customs clearance, etc.
  • Understanding of the sales process and Dynamics.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, persuasion, and presentation skills.
  • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • The ability to interact successfully across cultures

No obstacle to travel abroad.

Responsibilities of the Export Sales Representative

Export sales representative’s scope of duty is to be customer-focused. They are researching potential overseas clients and fulfilling customers’ demands, staying on customer needs, resolving customer complaints. Export sales representatives prepare reports that include all sales activities about the customer for export management.

When contacting a potential customer overseas, it is beneficial to have foreign language skills, knowledge of international export operations, familiarity with the logistics, various international trade laws, and customs processes.

Additional qualifications include negotiation skills, the ability to teamwork, and customer relationship management skills. The export sales representative should not have a traveling obstacle, and sometimes they may need to make long-term international travel. It is familiar to those who do this profession to make long business trips with multiple customer visits in multiple countries with a long itinerary.

Export sales representatives communicate with international prospects using the internet, B2B websites, or direct call. They often participate in international exhibitions on behalf of their company and also travel overseas to make sales.

Export Sales Representative Duties

  • Identifying new markets and finding ways to promote in the market.
  • Maintaining good customer relationships.
  • Monitoring all export sales transactions and reviewing orders.
  • Resolving the queries of customers related to exports.
  • Determining an efficient business plan to achieve all annual sales goals.
  • Ensuring export sales services to customers and distributors.
  • Preparing reports for new markets and analyze competitor activities
  • Analyzing international and regional market coverage and planning required resources.
  • Managing export sales and ensuring compliance with the procedures of the company.
  • Coordinating relationships with customs brokers, carriers, and service providers.

Popular job titles related to Export Sales Representative jobs:

  • International Sales Representative
  • Export Sales Coordinator
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Export Customer Service Representative
  • Export Sales Development Representative
  • Overseas Sales Representative
  • Export/Import Coordinator

Export Sales Representative Salary Range

Export Sales Representative Salary Range may vary depending on the way it works. The salary is ordinarily dependent on your demonstrated success and experience in the export sales field. It also varies depending on the type and size of the organization you are working in.


Today, multinational companies have local companies and offices in dozens of different countries. An export sales representative can find the opportunity to work in foreign country units of the company it works for. The US, Japan, the UK and Germany have the highest salary scales for export sales representatives.


In the US, the annual salary ranges from $ 35,000 to $ 74,000. Work experience and candidate’s qualifications affect the salary level, but significant changes are observed in the wage scale between US states, and It also varies between business sectors.

  • The annual salary in Germany ranges between 28,000 EUR and 45,000 EUR.
  • The annual salary in Japan ranges between $ 33,000 and $ 66,000.
  • The UK annual salary range between GBP 29,000 and GBP 48,000.