Jobs in International Trade: International Trade Sales Manager

What Does an International Sales Manager Do?

The international sales manager is responsible for maintaining and developing sales to existing customers in the global market on behalf of the company, determining potential customers, expanding the company’s sales capacity, and executing sales marketing strategies. A qualified sales manager knows its products and analyzes the change in the market, competitor products, and customer expectations. Thanks to this effort and skills, it supports product development processes.

The international sales manager is obliged to manage the sales team, conduct market research, communicate with potential customers, follow other competitors in the market and become the face of the company in the international market in accordance with the size and working principles of the company’s international sales department.

A local company’s sales manager is doing a similar job as an international sales manager in a local market, but International sales involve highly complex processes. Managers who will work in this field are expected to have knowledge such as international trade, finance, logistics, customs, and law.

Selling to companies located in countries where socio-cultural differences, trading styles, and commercial laws are different requires being a manager who has the knowledge required by international trade and has a global trade command.

International sales-oriented companies and global companies prefer that the international sales manager candidate speak one or two languages ​​widely used on a worldwide scale. In executive selection processes, managers with analytical intelligence, communication and presentation skills, good command of sales techniques, and the ability to develop and maintain positive business relationships with customers come to the fore.

Ultimately, a manager must combine sales skills and experience to lead his team to be successful. The management, organization, distribution of tasks, and teamwork of the personnel and managers working under him are among the international sales manager’s basic duties.

How to Become an International Sales Manager?

Business processes are shifting to online platforms day by day.

Global companies are managed with ERP software, e-mail communication, and online meetings such as zoom. Business processes are intertwined with digital channels day by day, and automation processes are expanding rapidly. Therefore, managers with high technology literacy and computer and internet processes are more advantageous.

You must know sales, have knowledge or experience in the industry your business is involved in. Many employers prefer candidates to be fluent in a second language. It would help if you had communication and presentation skills, a comprehensive understanding of sales techniques, and the ability to develop and maintain positive business relationships with customers. You also need the knowledge of all company policies, as well as the ability to ensure that your sales team abides by these rules.

International Sales Manager: Education 

International Sales managers usually hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or marketing. Courses for managers generally include courses in marketing, economics, business, finance, and international business law.

International Sales Manager Basic Criteria for Recruitment

  • At least a bachelor’s degree (MBA provides an advantage)
  • International sales experience.
  • Knowing a second or third language is an advantage.
  • Teamwork experience and team leadership skills.
  • Technical knowledge is an advantage in shipping and payment processes. (Incoterms & Payment methods)
  • Technology literacy, B2B platforms, and social media management

Responsibilities of the International Sales Manager

The international sales manager’s powers and responsibilities vary according to the size of the company they work for, the organizational structure, the staff structure in the team, the limits of the authorities and responsibilities of the international sales department, and the company’s operating system.

For example, some companies have both sales and marketing departments. While the sales team is only sales-focused, the sales manager is responsible for both sales and marketing in some companies. The responsibilities and working system of an international sales department manager, which consists of several people and is responsible for the sale of a single product, is different from the sales manager of a company that manages many sub-managers and sells on a global scale.

  • Creating sales strategies to increase the sales and profitability of the company.
  • Establishing price policies of the products or services sold on an international scale
  • Determining the target market, developing product and price policies suitable for the target market.
  • Managing the sales team, sub-managers, and regional managers.
  • To work in coordination with planning, production, and logistics departments to avoid problems in planning the production and shipment processes, document preparation, customs, and shipment processes regarding the sales made according to the deadline.
  • To make necessary revisions and improvements in existing sales plans and strategies.
  • Establishing the sales targets of the company, reporting the current sales figures to the senior management.
  • To make price segmentation to ensure maximum profit margin based on country, product, and customer.
  • To follow the international market’s current conditions, competitors’ position, customers’ expectations, economic, political, and social developments.
  • Analyze the target market, customers, and competitors.
  • Obtaining services from banks or information firms or requesting this study from the company’s relevant departments to evaluate different payment options or measure the credibility of customers.

Popular job titles related to International Sales Manager jobs:

  • International Sales Manager
  • International Technical Sales Manager
  • International Sales and Marketing Manager
  • International Sales Leader
  • Assistant International Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Leader
  • Sales Manager

International Sales Managers: Most Preferred Countries

We will discuss this issue in two parts. First, countries that offer high income and job options. We are talking about the headquarters of companies engaged in global production. International trade is mainly based on export and import. However, there are multinational companies with production facilities in more than one country. For example, the international sales manager of a Delaware-based company can organize the products produced in their factories in Italy, Egypt, and Singapore to be realized in the same countries or other countries in that geography.

Based on export and import statistics. The export-import volume reaching 20 trillion USD enables us to understand the point of international trade better. You can see the top 15 exporting and importing countries in the table below.

In addition to being the world’s largest importer and second most exporting country, the USA is home to tens of thousands of companies engaged in global trade. Considering the GDP rates, US companies are the center of attraction for their international sales management career. The UK and many European Union countries are second attractions, with their trade volume and wage scales. In the Far East, Japan, Korea, and China offer opportunities for those aiming for an international trade career.

International Sales Manager Salary Range

The income obtained for this business, which is valid globally and in all sectors, varies from country to country. The countries with the largest wage scale are the USA and European countries.

In the US, annual fees range from $ 43,000 to $ 150,000. In a limited number of companies in sectors such as IT, Aircraft, and electronics industry, this figure increases to $ 200,000.

  • Annual fees in Germany range between 44,000 EUR and 117,000 EUR.
  • Annual fees in Japan range between $ 56,000 and $ 132,000.
  • The UK annual fees range between GBP 36,000 and GBP 85,000.

This broad-scale depends on many variables such as the income distribution varying from country to country, the experience of the