Jobs in International Trade: Sea Freight Operator

What Does a Sea Freight Operator Do?

Also known as an Ocean Freight Operator, a Sea Freight Operator has an equally crucial role as an Air Freight Operator. The success of shipments between regions is the responsibility of the freight operator. What distinguishes air freight operators from sea freight operators is that sea freight operators make shipments by sea.

You can find the position of sea freight operator or ocean freight operator in companies that are involved in the export processes and make shipments between regions.

So, what does a sea freight operator do? In general, here are the primary duties and responsibilities of a sea freight operator:

To organize and arrange sea freight shipments (starting from operational standards, provisions, and others)

Routing, tracking, and tracing sea shipments

Ensuring that the shipments comply with agreements such as the delivery process, arrival status, customs entry, delivery status, and liaison with overseas agents

Preparing export, import, and sea shipping documentations

Handling bookings and generating quotations and pricing

Developing a sea freight operational framework based on applicable standards in the target country, regional and global

Providing the best service to customers & clients

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How to Become a Sea Freight Operator?

Sea freight operators must have certain abilities and qualifications to be able to deliver high-level shipping to customers. The inability of a sea freight operator in carrying out their duties will harm the productivity of a company in shipments, which leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Want to start a career as a sea freight operator? The following are the essential qualifications to be a sea freight operator:

Experience in conducting sea freight or operational sea

Knowledge of exports, sea shipping, sea transportations (including custom entries and exports regulations)

Mastering Microsoft such as Excel, Word, and Outlook

Computer literate and familiar with the use of various company-standard software

Skills in supplier & customer service management

Good understanding of how the sea freight industry works

Good communicating and verbal skills

Sea Freight Operator Salary and Career Outlook

A sea freight operator salary varies because it is influenced by company location, occupation, industry, level of education, or even work experience. But based on a survey published by, the national average salary for a sea freight operator in the US is $45,194.

Based on the same survey, the lowest salary for a sea freight operator in the US is $26,865 per year, and the highest is $76,045 per year. This happens because the sea freight operator salary is influenced by various factors.

How about the career outlook? What is the career path trajectory? The need for sea freight forwarders or sea freight operators will continue to increase, considering the globalization continues to increase the intensity of international trade. So, make sure you have the qualifications needed to be a qualified sea freight operator to help companies strive and provide satisfactory shipping services to customers.

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