Different Jobs you can get with a International Business Degree

If you have ever wondered, “what can I do with an international business degree?”, there are many international business career opportunities you can explore. The rapid global economic growth, the faster globalization process, and the expanding international trade have made many corporations have overseas offices and need talented international business employees.

It’s true, you don’t have to have an international business degree to work for Multinational Corporations (MNCs) or other big corporations. But having an international business degree will give you wider opportunities to experience working in big corporations, to be involved in business processes on an international scale.

Here are different jobs you can get with an international business degree:

Financial analyst

A financial analyst is one of the in-demand international business careers, because the role is important to enhance corporations’ bottom line, to make sure that the corporations stay in line. The main responsibility is to create and develop strategic planning to support the long-term financial goals of their organizations.

In general, financial analysts are tasked with writing reports, providing guidance on investment activities to management, evaluating financial decisions of companies, and analyzing current and historical financial data to understand where they are and where they need to go. The point is financial analysts are there to help and guide companies to stay on top of global financial and market trends.

International trade/sales representative

“What can I do with an international business degree?”, you can be an international trade or sales rep. Every company that wants to expand its market to international business has this division/department. To become an international sales representative, you definitely need academic skills and essential skills for graduates majoring in international business.

The essential skills needed are developing a sales strategy, measuring international market potential, understanding the culture, trends or laws in other countries, ensuring that the sales standards are in accordance with the provisions of the target country.

Regional brand/marketing manager

The advantages of having an international business degree are the skills and a global perspective. These capabilities are very important and crucial to the success of a company’s market expansion to other countries or regions.

This is one of the in-demand international business careers. As a regional brand/marketing manager, you will be responsible for developing and leading integrated marketing campaigns to promote your brands, such as products or services. You will also regularly conduct research, take the demographics of the area into account, 

and monitor market trends in your assigned region.


Understanding the “what, how, and why” of the global economy is important for organizations (business, government, non-government organizations, etc). And those are what economists do. Economists provide advice to companies, interest groups, and governments to formulate solutions to a problem or challenge that they are facing.

The main responsibilities of economists are conducting research, preparing reports, and formulating plans to address economic problems related to producing and distributing goods and services or monetary and fiscal policy. Economists also collect and process economic data and financial statistics using sampling techniques and econometric methods.

Import/Export Compliance Specialist

As an international business graduate, you can work in the government and private sectors, especially in customs and trade compliance. International business graduates have the skills needed to become a compliance specialist.

As an import/export compliance specialist, your main task is to ensure that the import/export activities carried out by the company/agency are appropriate and comply with applicable regulations (domestic law and international law). You should also actively monitor developments and changes in domestic/international trade law.

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