Global Distribution Manager Job Description and Salary

What Does a Global Distribution Manager Do?

Work as a global distribution manager is one of the vital roles in a business. Its main task is to ensure compliant and efficient order execution, distribution, and logistics.

Essential tasks and responsibilities:

Develop and plan product distribution to clients

Ensure that business processes and product distribution comply with trade, tax and customs related compliance

Leading inventory management such as stock monitoring and destruction monitoring

Delegating tasks and ensuring that departmental targets are achieved

Prepare reports to Senior Leadership regarding department statistics and achievements and obstacles

Lead warehousing operations to ensure that inventory and distribution processes run effectively

Recommends or initiates personnel actions, such as transfers, promotions, and disciplinary measures.

Develop and monitor shipping schedules and monitor customer requests.

A global distribution manager is a key player in supply chain and logistics management in a company or organization. The role is vital that a global distribution manager has a big responsibility for how products can be distributed properly to customers.

In short, global distribution managers have a significant contribution to the business success of an organization or company.

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How to Become a Global Distribution Manager?

The first thing that is important for a global distribution manager is to understand the business industry sufficiently. Each industry has a different concept and global distribution strategy because each industry has different commodities.

The supply chain is very complex and differs from every organization/industry, so a global distribution manager needs to understand the culture of the industry or organization.

But here are the essential qualifications and requirements to be a global distribution manager:

Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management or other majors related to the industry

Have experience in logistics, distribution, supply chain and scheduling

Experienced in database/spreadsheet programs such as Google Suite and Ms. Office

Proven leadership in people management and talent development

Have strong skills in planning, organization, time management and delegation

Have problem solving-skills, recommend solutions and implement them

Able to combine customer-oriented mindset and business mindset

Able to prepare plans and procedural manuals, technical procedures, maintenance instructions, safety rules and others to be followed by personnel and departments.

Not only that, but a global distribution manager must be able to stay updated and have high sensitivity to the global business culture. It is also necessary to understand market dynamics to look for opportunities to increase competitiveness and growth.

Every global company has global distribution partners, so it is important for a global distribution manager to maintain and develop these relationships to ensure global distribution runs well.

A global distribution manager must also be able to combine a business mindset and customer service. In addition to providing maximum service to clients, a global distribution manager must also try to find ways to reduce costs – without compromising distribution quality and warehouse security.

Global Distribution Manager Salary and Outlook

Statistics published by the U.S. The Department of Labor found that the global distribution manager career has a bright future in the supply chain sector. It is estimated that job growth in the global distribution manager will grow at roughly 5% between 2018 and 2028.

So we can say that the development of international business and international trade increases the demand for qualified global distribution managers.

The 2019 Logistics Management Salary Survey Complete Report conducted by Logistics Management said that the average salary of a global distribution manager is $132,300 per year (2019). The salary has increased because, based on the same survey, the average salary of a global distribution manager was only $120,600 per year (2018).

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