Supply Chain Associate, Full time, Evenings

Northwest Community Healthcare

United States - Illinois - Arlington Heights

Full time

Supply Chain and Logistics


Sep 14

Shift: Full time, Evenings, Every other weekend 


 Reporting to the Supply & Distribution Supervisor, is responsible for supplying NCH main campus and off site centers with supplies and materials as needed on a timely basis.

This position is required to work independently under direct or indirect supervision. The employee receives assignments and is expected to carry them through to completion with substantial independence. Work is reviewed for adherence to instructions, accuracy, completeness and conformance to standards of practice or precedent.

1. Leads supply chain management special projects as determined by Supply Chain Management such as par cart re-design, product conversions or velocity mapping.

2. Oversees shift in the absence of supervisor, insures work assignments and par locations for the shift are completed and ensures optimal work flow and productivity. Redirects staff as needed. Demonstrate leadership skills necessary to direct the staff and workflow.

3. Ensures crash carts are replenished/processed before the end of the shift. Ensures specialty carts are completed before the end of the shift.

4. In the absence of a supervisor, provides the proper shift report “hand-off” to incoming shift.

5. Fill stock requisitions, phone requests, scans par carts with handheld scanner to inventory par location replenishes par locations to par levels. Insures that external corrugated shipping containers are not left in the par locations. Checks for expiration dating while restocking assigned areas and main inventory. Monthly, signs the expiration list on the assigned units and in main inventory.

6. Fills crash carts to prescribed levels and manages the pickup and delivery between unit and pharmacy locations. Fills specialty carts to prescribed levels. Orders rental beds via on-line website.

7. Follows scanning sequences as established in the electronic resource planning system for receiving, dock logging, delivery, vendor returns, issues, department returns, maintaining par level reorder points, par counting, and release and close warehouse shipments at completion of picking orders.

8. Unloads incoming shipments and inspects for damage or defective merchandise. Checks for accuracy of shipments and records any discrepancies prior to signing off on receipt, invoice, or electronic device. Matches packing slip against items received, records discrepancies on packing slip, and notifies Receiving and Purchasing on the same day as received.

9. Operates pallet jacks, flatbeds, hand trucks, and hospital vehicles (upon successful completion of background check) for transporting supplies and equipment. Performs a maintenance check on all vehicles per schedule.

10. Places incoming stock items in designated areas for storage; delivers all non-stock items according to policy. Delivers all special order items received from Receiving o the appropriate departments on a timely basis.

11. Records and reports out-of-stock items to the Supervisor.

12. Decontamination Area: Wears personal protective equipment (PPE) as indicated and consistent with the task at hand. Selects correct manufacturer’s instructions for processing device and complies with all instructions for cleaning and decontamination of equipment.

13. Participates in the report huddle at the beginning and end of every shift. Report includes; at a minimum, the status of par locations, inventory receiving “putaway” and equipment.

14. Reads email notifications in a timely manner. Maintains a clean and organized work environment.

15. Assists various departments with the movement of supplies and equipment as requested; major office moves are not included.

16. Follows the courier route listing, picks up all hospital mail and packages from local post office.

17. Assists in training of new personnel in the department.

18. Performs other related duties, as needed.

19. Adheres to all Northwest Community Hospital and department standards, policies, and procedures


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